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 Presented by the Colorado Amateur Motorsports Association, LLC (CAMA)

HIGH PLAINS RACEWAY will be the newest road racing motorsports facility in the Rocky Mountain area. The project is being developed by of the Colorado Amateur Motorsports Association, LLC (CAMA). CAMA already has considerable financial resources as a "down payment" for the project, but additional funds from loans and from a Capital Campaign are currently being raised. The expectation is that the Capital Campaign, directed at club members and users of the facility, will permit construction to begin in the Fall of 2007 (laying of asphalt for the track) and then for racing to begin in the Spring of 2008!

CAMA is the entity created by the group of five amateur clubs which were the majority users of the old Second Creek Raceway in Denver. CAMA was formed in 2003 by the same five clubs who purchased the Second Creek lease in 1998 and managed SCR until its demise in 2005. It was concluded that a club sponsored, owned and operated motorsports facility near the Denver metro area was essential to the future of amateur road racing in Colorado. CAMA has been working diligently on that goal since its formation. High Plains Raceway is the product of that multi-year effort.

If you are a member of the participating clubs, we urge you to thoroughly investigate the Capital Campaign section of this website and to make your contribution as soon as possible. Your contribution will make a difference. Additionally, if you have a business which could take advantage of track advertising possibilities, please visit our Contact Us page and we will be delighted to help you with a program.

Please check out all the other areas of this website for further details on this exciting project. At almost 2.5 miles in length with 15 turns and several significant elevation changes, High Plains Raceway clearly has the potential to become one of the nation's great tracks and facilities. CAMA, and the respective clubs and their members, are extremely excited about the realization of this new facility. Now it's up to you to bring it to completion.

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You can make a huge difference with your donation. Consider contributing today and make it happen!